Street Outreach

We expanded our Street Outreach program in the fall of 2019. Historically we have
provided hygiene packs to the homeless who come to our office. But we were wanting
to do more. We were working hard to prepare our Homeless Shelter but it wasn’t open
yet and it was getting cold. One of our Board members, Ed Kading is the Chief of
Police for the City of Brownwood. We spoke and agreed to provide homeless hygiene
packs and blankets for all law enforcement vehicles. We also met with Sheriff Hill and
Chief Mercer of the Early Police Department and all agreed to keep blankets and
homeless hygiene packs in their law enforcement vehicles also.
This has continued. Our Shelter opened in January 2020 and the hygiene packs were
also being given to people who stayed at the shelter. During the warm months, we
added bottles of water instead of blankets and added snack foods in the hygiene packs
instead of hats and gloves.
We also have more people coming by our location for food. Our Shelter keeps a supply
of canned foods with pull tabs that don’t require a can opener. We also give bottled
water and toilet paper to everyone who receives a homeless hygiene pack or food.
Recently, we partnered with the Salvation Army soup kitchen. Once their dining room
re-opens we will have a presence there during lunch once per week to connect more
with the homeless and connect them with services if they desire. The Salvation Army is
also giving out our flyers to let people know about us, our Shelter and the services we
I would like to share with you a story from a couple that we have worked with for almost
a year. Kelly and Cheyenne came to us via our Shelter. After the cold season, they
kept coming by from time to time for food or supplies. They even applied for Legacy
Village our Transitional Housing program but were not ready to make lasting changes.
They kept coming by and we kept helping them and showing them the unconditional
love of Christ.
After about 6 months, they stopped by my office one day to see me. They wanted to
thank me for everything I have done for them. They also wanted to share with me that
they had been clean for 3 weeks and were attending Celebrate Recovery. I was so
proud of them I almost cried! Since then, he has started working and we helped them
get into an apartment.
Recently, they came again for help with signing up for the Affordable Care Act. He told
me that was the first time he has ever had health insurance. They were both working
and this was Cheyenne’s first job ever.

Street Outreach combined with sharing the unconditional love of Christ works. It
changes lives and that is what we strive to do every day.