Inclement Weather Shelter

In January 2020, we opened our Inclement Weather Homeless Shelter for women and families. Our first month we used 68 bed nights which included safe housing for a family of four.  In December 2020, we used 116 bed nights.


From the onset of this program, it has been our desire for this shelter to not only be a safe place to get out of the cold, but to connect with services if that is what is desired.


We initially opened when the forecasted weather was to be 36 or below but in November 2020, we received permission from the City to be open at our discretion.  As a result, we are now open every night through the cold season.  We are actively taking steps to be open more and our goal is by the Fall of 2021 to be open every night, all year.


Another large change occurred due to COVID.  The church that had opened its doors to homeless men for many years was not able to open this winter due to COVID. As a result, our Board approved accepting men into our Shelter.  Now we accept men, women and families with children.


We have 5 bedrooms.  2 bedrooms are specifically for families with children and 3 bedrooms have 2 twin beds each.  We also have 5 cots that we utilize for single men downstairs.


We open nightly at 5pm, serve a hot meal at 6pm and lock the doors at 10pm.  In the morning, we serve breakfast and the guests leave by 8am.


Every person who stays in the Shelter meets with the Director, Linda Heitman to see what they need to achieve stability in their lives.  We help with identification, jobs, housing, as well as locating other services that are needed.


We have had several individuals and families apply for and enter our transitional housing program through the Shelter.  Others we have helped with stimulus funds, locating jobs and have also received assistance renting an apartment.


We are making a difference in our community, won’t you help? 


To reach our goal of being open all year, we need funds for increased operating expenses, air conditioners for the upstairs bedrooms as well as funds to match the State grant we have received to add a shower room, downstairs laundry facilities and an ADA accessible bedroom on the first floor.