Legacy Village





Legacy Village is our Transitional Housing program.  It is a 6 month to 1 year residential program designed to transition the homeless back into productive society.  It is not simply a place to live, it is a customized program designed to teach new habits and new behaviors to break the cycle of homelessness.


Admission is by application and the Board conducts interviews and selects the new resident.  Once the resident is selected, they must pass a drug screen and we complete an assessment to see what issues need to be addressed.  For example, someone may need substance abuse counseling, mental health services, a GED or job training.  Whatever the resident needs, becomes their program.  In addition, the resident will meet with the case manager weekly and a budget will be established for them and they learn how to manage their money and even establish a savings account. 


Our Tiny Homes are provided to the resident fully furnished and fully stocked, including food. If the resident graduates the program, then everything in the home, except for the stove and refrigerator becomes theirs.  They come into the program homeless with very little and graduate with new life skills, money in the bank and a houseful of belongings.


Let me introduce you to Allison who became our very first program graduate…


Allison came to us in April 2019.  She was fresh out of rehab, having been addicted to methamphetamines for nearly 10 years. Her son was in CPS care and she gave birth to her daughter while in rehab.  Just prior to entering into rehab, she lived in a shed for several months after leaving an abusive relationship.


Allison and her new daughter moved into Legacy Village in May 2019.  She had just gotten a job at McDonalds.  She worked very hard in our program and her job.  She attended every session and class we asked of her.  She learned to follow a budget and learned how to make good financial decisions.  Her son was returned to her custody and she learned how to be a single parent.  She worked her way up in her job and just prior to her graduation, was offered a management position. She graduated from the program in January 2020 and moved into her own apartment.  She is still in management at McDonalds, still in her apartment and in October 2020, she joined our Board of Directors where she is giving back to the organization that helped her and is an inspiration to the residents of how far you can go if you work the program.  It truly did change her life! 

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